About the club

This is the only English page on the site, with basic information about Preacher MC. The rest of the web site is in Finnish. Check Galleria link for photos.

Preacher MC is a Finnish motorcycle club founded in 2002. The club members are Christian bikers who share a common interest in motorcycles and also have found the true Freedom and Love of God. The Preachers have always the time to talk about it. You just need to ask.

If you are visiting Finland and want to get in touch with Preacher MC, we would be happy to arrange a visit to one of our clubhouses. If you have any questions about the club, use the contact information below.

Contact information:

Vaajakoski clubhouse (Chapter: Central, Club HQ)

Vaajakoskentie 123, 40800 Vaajakoski (Jyväskylä)

Chapter: West, clubhouse

Laviantie 1, 29340 Kullaa

Preacher MC

President: Pete

+358 44 359 0524

Preacher MC West

Chapter leader: Mika Pitkänen


Preacher MC Central

Chapter leader: Lari ”Läppä” Kemiläinen


Secretary: Jooas ”Jokke” Liukko


Webmaster: Tuomas Maukonen